The China Hearing Industry Forum took place in Suzhou

The China Hearing Industry Forum is held in Suzhou in Nov14-16. This is the China-first event oriented towards the hearing industry. More than 200 delegates took part.

The main topic of the 2018 CHIF is “facing the challenge and believing in potential”. This event provides an excellent opportunity for hearing professionals learn about new fitting techniques, hearing product technology while hearing retailers to discuss the management and marketing issues during the dispensing business/practice.

The CHIEF has compiled 4 programs with 19 presentations, 1 tutorial, 2 panel talk, and 2 factory trips. 4 programs centered on management, service, market, sales, and leadership. Presentations on topics like hearing fitting, industry, and management were included, with industry-renowned retailers sharing about professional staff development, management security, and sustainable business. Hearing aid brands speak out the hearing technology trends including teleaudiology, connectivity, and machine learning. In addition, hot topics such as lead generation, OTC market, O2O mode, self-fit are presented.


With the nationwide pre-collection of patients’ cases, six HCPs were selected and presented their cases during the tutorial. Three renowned audiologists Guang Huaping, Duan Jirong, and Tian Hongbin led the discussion with audiences with three topics: profiles recording, Examination and verification and validation of hearing aid.


The Panels talks focus on “How the Smart technology change our industry” and “View of retailers: how to facing the challenge”. Founder from OTC hearing aid manufacturer, Hearable Product Company, Audiology expert, Product manager of GN Hearing China and APC director of ONSemi medical BU discuss and deliberate the opportunity and challenge of Smart technology. In the “View of retailers” table, 4 founders of hearing centers represent different generations, various business models and different firms’ sizes. They stepped back to their startup stories and shared their perspective about this industry.

Sonova China and Suzhou Soundlink hold the factory tour for all attendees. It offered a great opportunity to directly saw the operation of the factory.

The inauguration of the China Hearing care industry committee (CHCIC) settled at the beginning of CHIF. This is the first organization for Hearing care industry in China, with the purpose to raise the profile of hearing care service related issues in China, improve the quality of hearing care services, self-discipline and regulated the behavior of providers. The CHCIC is initially sponsored by 12 hearing centers in April.?


CHIF is organized by the Beijing Society of Audiology. BSA is the earlier and most well-know Audiology organization in China. BSA also organized Beijing International Congress f Audiology annual.